Staff Directory

Our diverse group of teachers, support staff, and Board are committed to student success and welcome the opportunity to discuss CJACS students with you.

Last,First Name Title/Class Phone
Ames, Ijeoma Grade 5
Arango, Adriana Instructional Aide
Bass, Cathy Nurse 908-753 x0030
Bazelais, Cassandra ESL Teacher
Bowen, Joseph Physical Education
Bower, DianeM Technology Staff
Bower, Diane Technology Staff
Bryant, Dewayne Social Studies (5th-8th)
Carlino, Jami Reading Specialist
Celi, Daphne Kindergarten
Cephas, Donna Board of Trustees
Coney, Cora Board of Trustees
Coney, Shamida Lead Person
Conley, Antoinette Instructional Aide
Cuadra, Raquel Office Staff
D'Alessio, Stephanie NCLB Coordinator/Title I Language Arts
Davis, Donna Kindergarten
DeMarco, Matthew Grade 3
Department, Human Resources Human Resources 753-0030 x202
Dublin, Jennifer Grade 1
Dula, Alyssa Art
Forste, Rebecca Language Arts (Middle School)
Gallop, Catherine Nurse
Germain, Robyn Human Resources Coordinator 753-0030 x202
Gonzalez, Milagros Cafeteria Aide
Greene, Sheila Food Service Coordinator
Haynes, Cathy Kindergarten
Hicks, Rahime Instructional Aide
Huggan, Kristin Special Education 753-0030
Hughes, Nicole Dance (Maternity Leave)
Information, Office Staff Administrative Assistant
Jacobson, Janet Instructional Aide
Johnson, Donna Principal
Johnson, Breonna School Social Worker 908-753 x0030
Keller, Christy Grade 4
Khosla, Sheeta Instructional Aide
King, Ashanti Instructional Aide
King, Beverly Music
Kochman, Jessica Mathematics (Middle School)
Kwiatkowski, Sharon Grade 1
Maiello, Kristen Science (6th-8th)
Mangal, Gainwatie Grade 2
Marino, Ursula Special Education 908-753 x0030
Martin, Eric Instructional Aide
Mirta Uria, Ana Bedoya Office Staff
Nelson, Quadira Grade 4
Nugent, Trinette Grade 5
Nurhan, Pervin Grade 3
Orchanian, Lauren Language Arts (Middle School)
Orellana, Blanca Custodian
Paredes, Jeannette Office Staff
Parker, Ernest Custodian
Richmond, Vondell Resident Teaching Artist
Rivera, Linda Cafeteria Aide
Ryan, Marytherese School Counselor 753-0030 x229
Sack, Adam Grade 5
Salazar, Veronica Office Staff
Santiago, Luis School Business Administrator 753-0030 x204
Saunders, Alan After School Coordinator 753-0030
Schertzer, Ilisa Grade 1
Sessoms, Michelle Grade 2
Simoes, Nicole Substitute Teacher
Simpkins, Celeste Grade 2
Smith, Alyssa Grade 3
Sobrinski, Mindi Mathematics (Middle School)
Tabano, Ashley Dance
Torres, Madeline Grade 4
Uria, Mirta Administrative Assistant 908-753 x0030
Wicker, Regina Instructional Aide
Wiley, Pam Special Education
Worswick, Scott Special Needs
Zaionts, Irina Mathematics (Middle School)
Zakanych, Laura Spanish


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